who we are

West Coast Prenup is a Los Angeles-based family law practice providing legal services throughout the state of California. At West Coast Prenup we are focused exclusively on drafting, reviewing, consulting, and all other aspects relating to pre and post-marital agreements. West Coast Prenup is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service while delivering an outstanding product tailored to your individual needs. Please use the form below to contact us directly is you have a question about a particular service and for more information about our flat-fee prices.


what we do

A premarital agreement is an important document - maybe the most important contract you will ever sign. A good, strong, customized premarital agreement will allow you to enter into your marriage with security and peace of mind. At West Coast Prenup we firmly believe that a premarital agreement is about love and new beginnings, not about separation. There is no greater testament of love than making sure you enter into your new marriage with transparency, peace of mind, and the security of knowing that no matter what happens you and your future spouse will be protected.

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why west coast prenup

For the most important things in life, it is best to consult someone who practices exclusively in that field. Just like you wouldn't get heart surgery from a general practitioner, you shouldn't get your premarital agreement from just any law firm. Choose a firm that is wholly and completely dedicated to being the absolute best in the field of premarital agreements, and will provide you with the highest level of legal services available. Our flat-fee pricing makes the entire process seamless and reliable from start to finish.