West Coast Prenup is a boutique Los Angeles-based family law firm providing legal services throughout the state of California. At West Coast Prenup we are focused exclusively on drafting, reviewing, consulting, and all other aspects relating to pre and post-marital agreements. West Coast Prenup is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service while delivering an outstanding product tailored to your individual needs. Each client is unique, and so are their needs, and that is why principal attorney Erin Campbell personally works with each and every client to make sure they get exactly what they are looking for. Even though all services at West Coast Prenup are flat-fee, there is no limit on the time Erin will spend making sure you get exactly what you want from your experience with West Coast Prenup. Please use the form below to contact us directly if you have a question about a particular service and for more information about our flat-fee prices.



Premarital and postmarital agreements (prenups and postnups) are very important documents - maybe the most important contract you will ever sign. A solid, binding, personally-tailored prenup will allow you to enter into your marriage with security and peace of mind - think of it like insurance for your marriage - while a postnup can be an important tool to classify assets after you are already married to remove uncertainty about the future of those assets. At West Coast Prenup we firmly believe that prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are about love, not separation. There is no greater testament of love than making sure you enter into your new marriage with transparency, peace of mind, and the security of knowing that no matter what happens you and your future spouse will be protected.

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At West Coast Prenup we have built our entire practice around providing the absolute best prenup and postnuptial agreements you can get in California. We stay up to date on the latest California laws and requirements to ensure that you get the most binding and enforceable agreement possible. At West Coast Prenup you will work directly with principal Erin Campbell, not an associate, paralegal, or secretary.  Our firm is wholly and completely dedicated to being the absolute best in the field of premarital agreements, and will provide you with the highest level of legal services available. Our flat-fee pricing makes the entire process seamless and reliable from start to finish. You pay once, and that is it, no matter how long it takes to get the job done. West Coast Prenup is here to help, so contact us today for a free consultation! 



At West Coast Prenup, we approach California Prenups different than other law firms.

  1. Low flat-fee pricing: Not only do you pay just one price, one time, but our prices are less than half as much as other law firms. 
  2. Personalized, attentive service: Most law firms, especially big ones, will shuffle you off to a low-level associate or even a paralegal to draft your prenup. Also be wary of other prenup-specific practices where you are not even sure what lawyer you will be working with. At West Coast Prenup, you work with a highly-trained prenup lawyer from start to finish. No delegating, no shuffling, and your lawyer is available to you over phone and email whenever you need, as often as you need, throughout the process. 
  3. Experienced, knowledgeable legal representation: Many family law firms only do prenups occasionally on the side and not part of their main practice. Because of this, they are not always up to date on the latest law regarding prenups, and do not know the proper legal requirements for drafting and executing California prenups. At West Coast Prenup, prenups are our business. Our attorneys are constantly educating themselves on the most recent developments in prenup law in order to ensure the product you receive is the strongest, most legally binding and enforceable prenup possible.
  4. Fast service: Once we have all the information we need from you, we can get you the first draft of your prenup in three business days or less.
  5. Ethical: At West Coast Prenup, we take ethical requirements for prenups very seriously. Prenups are special, sensitive documents which must be approached with the utmost care in order to avoid a conflict of interest or other ethical issue which could result in the prenup being unenforecable in the future. BE VERY WARY of any law firm or prenup service which allows you to hire an attorney for both you and your spouse through them. This is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST and a huge violation of California ethical laws, and could very likely result in your prenup being unenforceable in the future.


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I was extremely scared and confused about the prenup I had been presented by my husband when I came to Ms. Campbell. She took the time to explain all the laws in California to me, and what was in my prenup. We spoke for over 2 hours and I never felt hurried or like she has something better to do. I felt so much better after working with Ms. Campbell and cannot thank her enough.
— -Sarah P.

"Erin made what I expected to be a difficult situation very easy and smooth for me. She took a huge weight off my shoulders and I feel totally calm now going into my marriage. Would recommend Erin and West Coast Prenup to anyone."
- David W.

"I was nervous about the a prenup but Ms. Campbell immediately addressed all my concerns and made me feel like I was in good hands. I liked that she was always available by email and phone and responded quickly to all my questions. I felt like she truly cared."
- James G.

"The experience I had with Erin and West Coast Prenup could not have been better. Erin is extremely knowledgeable and explained everything patiently and thoroughly. I feel like I got really great service for a super reasonable price. Thank you for everything!" 
-Julia R.
I have been divorced twice and dealt with my fair share of attorneys, and can say the service I got at West Coast Prenup is better than any I received at a big expensive firm. Extremely good value for the price. Highly recommend Ms. Campbell.
— Phil S.
I greatly appreciate the help that Erin Campbell provided. She went out of her way to help me get contacts from different state to help me in my situation. She took the time to listen to me and understand my situation very well. She makes you feel that you are  not just one of their clients. You will feel reassured that she will be your advocate. She did all of this even though this was my initial consult. I am very grateful for her help.
- Andre S.
Great, fast service, super reasonable rates, what else could you want?!
— Caitlin A.

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