The following are the services offered by West Coast Prenup. Please contact directly for more information with regards to any of the services listed below, as well as any additional services you may be interested in. Our flexible services are individually crafted with your individual need and legal goals in mind. 


premarital agreements: drafting

Drafting of personalized premarital agreement that suits your individual needs, situation, and financial goals for the future. Protect assets, customize the division of assets, tailor spousal support, and more. Legal advice and assistance for the entire process, from the initial consultation to the final execution of your premarital agreement. 



Premarital Agreements: Review

Review, explanation, and professional legal advice regarding a premarital agreement you have been presented with by your future spouse or their attorney. Work hand in hand with your future spouse's attorney to come to a full and well-thought out agreement on all terms with full informed consent of all parties. 


Postnuptial Agreements

In certain cases couples who are already married may be able to enter into an agreement after marriage to customize their division of assets in the event of a divorce. Postnuptial agreements have different requirements, legal ramifications, and execution formalities. Contact us today to see if a postnuptial agreement is a good fit for you.