West Coast Prenup brings a  wealth of experience in the practice of family law from which much of the foundation of prenups are grounded.

Helping clients grasp the provisions and protections of this niche practice is a core goal at West Coast Prenup. 

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Q: Why do I need a prenup? 

Think of a prenup as insurance for your marriage. Like health insurance, car insurance, and homeowners insurance, you invest in these types of coverage to protect against the unforeseen. No one plans to get sick, get in an accident, or have their home flood in a hurricane, yet we acknowledge that sometimes these things just happen - and when they do, they can be very expensive to fix. Having insurance allows you to relax knowing you will be protected and not go broke due to an unforeseeable circumstance in your life.  A prenup offers the same peace of mind as any other form of insurance. It simply allows a couple to predetermine and fully customize the division of their assets in the event they should divorce in the future. Rather than being subject to default California community property laws, or leave their financial futures in the hands of a judge, couples choose a prenup to maintain control over their finances and financial futures, even if the unforeseen should occur. Divorce can be expensive, time consuming, and emotionally and financially draining. In some cases, it can take years. A good, solid prenup can reduce all these burdens as you move through an already difficult time.


What if i don't have a lot of assets or make a lot of money- do I need a prenup? 

No matter what your income, a prenup could be a good fit for you if you simply want to opt out of California default community property law, which currently states that all income and assets acquired during a marriage must be split 50-50 upon divorce, regardless of who earned them. Even marriages where there is relatively little to "divide," significant disagreements may arise, making the process long and expensive for both parties. In the event of an end to marriage, having a prenup can make dissolution process markedly easier.

If the division of all assets, accounts, etc. is set forth before you are getting a divorce,  clients may anticipate a six-month process rather than up to several years and a significant expenditure, on both sides, in attorney fees.

BUT getting a prenup feels like expecting MY marriage to fail!

To put a different lens on it - getting a prenup is like insurance of the family law world. You don’t plan for anything bad to happen, but if it does, you want your assets to be protected, as well as avoid draining your earnings on attorneys fees, and the emotional burden of a drawn-out contested divorce proceeding. 



At WCP we understand that people work their whole lives to acquire a savings, home, business, retirement accounts, and the like, and these assets - regardless of the size or value - are meaningful to them. Most family law attorneys and family law practices dabble in premarital agreements. But, when it comes to protecting these valuable assets, rather than selecting an attorney that is spread thin across all areas of family law, choose someone who is an expert in the field.

At West Coast Prenup we have a true passion for creating solid, enforceable, premarital agreements specifically tailored to reflect your individual wishes and needs. Principal Erin Campbell of West Coast Prenup is personable, easy to talk to, and delivers a thorough job of explaining complex legal issues in simplest terms so the clients can understand and feel comfortable and not overwhelmed. Clients report calming and inspired confidence and security with Erin Campbell and West Coast Prenup's boutique and individually-focused approach.